The Littleboo

Dadda's Story of Brenden Lee Bateman

'Just a Littleboo with a Job to Do'    August 16, 2001 - November 27, 2003

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Welcome to Dadda's Story of Brenden Lee Bateman - The Littleboo

I am ready for the pool Dadda!


This is the beginning of Dadda's Story of Brenden Lee Bateman...The Littleboo. Yes, he was a baby when born but, he was a wise person with a soul filled with love and lessons to be learned in life. Brenden Lee, The Littleboo, had more to share with you and was willing to share with you if you were willing to learn. Brenden had more to teach you in his two short years than most have to teach you in an entire normal lifetime. Unfortunately, Brenden was only with us for two short years before he had to move on to another place where he was needed I believe. After all he was just a littleboo with a job to do!

Brenden was filled with love. Brenden was filled with wanting to help you. Brenden wanted to learn and he had so much to teach and share if you learned how he overcame the problems in life he was born with. Brenden wanted to have fun and laugh with you and see you happy. Brenden loved Shek, Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder, Scooby Doo, Wumpa's World, Nemo, and more. His favorite was Tigawac, the Polar Bear from Wumpa's World. Brenden loved Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh because like Tigawac, Eeyore was the underdog. I got Brenden a big stuffed Eeyore for Christmas 2003 knowing he would just love it. Unfortunately, Brenden never did see this Eeyore because he passed away on November 27, 2003. I know in my heart that Brenden would have loved to cuddle into the big Eeyore with Tigawac in his arms and his eyes would be filled with content and happiness.

Brenden was filled with love and his desire to share with you and see you laugh.. Your Dadda misses you so much Little Boo and I try to live my life without you and learn from your lessons in love and sharing. I feel in my heart and soul I will see you, hug you , and tell you I love you again. It may not be soon but, I feel we will be together again and I can hardly wait for that day.

The pages which follow is my writing of Brenden's life in our world and his love. It is now February 2009, six years after Brenden's passing. While Brenden is in me and always will be it has taken me this long to be able to begin this. Those who have not lost a child may be able to begin understanding, those who have lost someone so cherished will understand. I feel when the intensity of the pain has mellowed somewhat, it is time to write. I believe it is necessary for myself and for those who knew Brenden and loved him, and for those who knew nothing of him but are able to see and feel what this Little Boo left behind. He overcame so much in his two short years and had so much to share with us from this. I believe he helped those who knew him and may help those who did not by helping them overcome their own difficulties in their lives.

So how did the name Little Boo begin? Brenden has two brothers, Ian and Wes, and a sister Briana. Ian and Wes are my sons and Briana was Brenden's mother's daughter. Ian and Wes were Boos too when they were babies and are stilled called by these names now once in awhile. Ian is Baboo and Wes is Booboo. Brenden ended up being Littleboo. All the Boo names have history, stories, and they loved the Boo names. However, for this writing I will write mostly about the Littleboo with his love and sharing with the other two Boos, Ian and Wes.


The Beginning of Littleboo

Brenden was born on August 16, 2001. He was two weeks overdue and was not going to be born naturally since he was folded up like a closed suitcase and would not be born naturally. How long he had been in this position we do not know but it was for some time. Brenden had fooled the doctors who had felt his mothers tummy. It was at the Kamloops Hospital that the physicians realised the position Brenden was in and that a C-section was needed. As we waited for the correct time to do the operation I felt something was wrong as I watched the monitor and his mothers distress. To me it seemed like no one was paying too much attention. The heartbeat was going up and down dramatically. I began to make a scene and demanded that the doctors react by getting the mother to be into the operating room and make this birth happen. The doctors listened to me and rushed her into the room within minutes.

Well, the surgery was done and Brenden was born and cried just like a newborn does. His ears were folded since his feet had been pressed against them for sometime. His fingers and toes were not straight and his whole body was curled somewhat since he was not able to achieve the movement most babies have for sometime. The doctors and nurses were somewhat concerned. If an ultra-sound had been done later in the pregnancy his positioning would have been realised but, this is a whole other issue and was not important at the time of Brenden's birth. Brenden was here and that was the most important thing. Brenden, my son was born and in my arms. What more can a father ask for?

Brenden's mother was not seen for sometime while she was in surgery and resting. For Brenden and I it was one of those most special times between a father and a son. I sat in the nursery with my son in my arms and I walked around the nursery with him in my arms. I talked to my son while he looked into my eyes and the world around him. I hugged Brenden and told him how much I loved him. It was a perfect day for a father and a son, nothing else mattered, just my son and I. I did not know in this perfect time what was in store for my son and I as the day was to unfold.

Brenden's mother and I operated a seniors home where we cared for elderly people. We were short of staff at the time of Brenden's birth and we called We-Care in so that I may spend time at the hospital. However, after Brenden's birth my time was up and time for me to get home. Brenden and his mother were fine and it was time for me to get back to work. If I had known how the day was to unfold I never would have left the hospital since the night to come was to be the worst of my life to that day.

When I arrived home I was told by a sobbing worker that Brenden had some problems and his heart had stopped. The doctors had revived him and his heart was beating but they were afraid he was in trouble and may not live through the night. If Brenden did live through the night he was to be flown to Children's Hospital in Vancouver. Well, my perfect day had just gone really bad. I was not able to go back to the hospital since we had no one to fill in at the home if I went. I decided to stay at the house and leave first thing in the morning when the worker showed up.

I called the Kamloops Hospital and tried to talk with Brenden's mother and find out exactly what was happening with my son. However, it seemed like forever to get a return call and things were not looking good for Brenden. Brenden had wires and hoses all over him and was fighting for his life. I have a picture of Brenden which was taken that night by a doctor. Brenden would be flown to Children's Hospital if he survived the night. Well, Brenden did survive the night and I was in Kamloops to see him off to Children's Hospital the next day. However, on the night of the most perfect day before he was flown south to Children's Hospital is a night I will never forget.     Boo Mail    Bateman Blog     Badorder Blog     Littleboo with a Job to Do     Story Page


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