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.: 1.17.2009 :. "!"
 Finally after thirty years of collecting photos, report, and stories, the story of the Storm of 1978 when my father died when he was washed into the Skeena River on Nov 2, has hit the web. It is packed full of photos and stories about the people from Smithers BC who died in the storm and there will be more coming all the time. There is also a collection of old photos and stories about Ken Bateman and other family members and friends. There is a Guestbook and a Forum. Come have a look at:
.: 8.14.2006 :. "Boo Boots!"
 Boo Boots - Brenden's Friends has been redesigned, uploaded and it running now. This is a place for everyone to meet and share ideas, game info, computer stuff, sports, find new and exciting websites, and for family and friends af Brenden's to quack! Boo Boots:)
.: 7.28.2006 :. "Photo Album Page"
 An all new photo album site with pictures of Brenden, his brothers, family, and friends. Photos and Videos of his brothers, Ian and Wes, playing lacrosse, camping, and having fun. Dad's photos of one of Brenden's greatest gift to his Dadda, the love of life, nature, bug, flowers, and the love of photography. Really old pictures of steam engines and old cars. Have o look, Photo Album :)

.: 8.19.2006 :. "Brenden and Elvis"

Just so you know on August 16th, Brenden Bateman was born and Elvis Presley passed away. While they have both moved on, they both had so much to share with us. We shall see you both soon. Love ya!

.: 8.19.2006 :. "Boo's Toys in the Making"

The kids and I are still working a trying to create Boo's Toys where adults and kids work together, imagine that, to handcraft toys which will help people who are less fortunate than those who create the toys. Brenden was helped by many special people and special toys, we want to pass that on. From Brenden we learned so much about love we did not know before. Thanks Littleboo!


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