Fred Christensen on the top of Mt. Rocher de Boule in 1957.

Mt. Rocher de Boule is close to the Seven Sisters mountains in northern BC.

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This portion of is dedicated to the Christensen family and to my Uncle Fredrick Oliver Christensen, who passed away on November 11, 1996 in Victoria BC. I refer to my uncle Fred as, "my sailing buddy", not because we spent a lot of time sailing together, but because it is a passion that we both share.

Papa's Rose

Papa's Rose has been around for many years, 100 years or more. One plant was given to me in 2003 (while Brenden was still with us) by my Aunt Mary, my Uncle Fred's wife. I took this rose and cared for it and it's history with me began. The rose bloomed the first year with me and has continued to to so every year. Last year (2005) Papa's Rose produced hundreds if not thousands of roses. Three years after its first year with me it blooms as it wants to live on. Papa's Rose offers lessons in life to learn from if your heart is open, just as Brenden offered his lessons.  Papa's Rose was given with love and with love it will live on.  Aunt Mary will be helping me with more details and the history of the rose and the love it is.

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