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 I held Brenden for the first few hours of his life.  Just he and I looking at one another, and the world around us.  A father and a son.  I almost lost him on that very first day.  I prayed to god to please allow me to hold him again.  When he answered my prayers and let me do just that, every time I held Brenden, we felt like that very first day.  I am eternally grateful, and feel so proud to have been given the honor of caring for such a special little soul and to have those wonderful memories. Dadda's Story

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Well it is finally completed after five years

Thank you for visiting Dadda's Story. A hard story to begin to write but a big part of my heart. Littleboo was such a big part of me and the story must be told. For Brenden, for his brothers and sister, for those who are not born yet, for friends, and yes, for myself.

Dadda's Story

While this was not the easiest story I have written, my story needed to be told. I did not edit it to be perfect writing or grammar. It is just Dadda's story from the heart who lost someone so dear to him...The Littleboo...Brenden Lee Bateman. I miss you Brenden and I know you are loving and sharing where you are and making people very happy to be with you. I will be with you again to whisper in your ear and tell you how much I love you.

Love Dadda - Dadda's Story

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  • The addition of Brenden's Corner - a Message Board where friends and family can communicate, chat, share information, recipes, and ideas.
  • Boo Boots - a collection of Brenden's favorite activities, foods, objects and characters
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